Chart of the Day

Lets post interesting chart patterns from the day.
It will help us to learn together.

We daily post chart of the day on our Instagram and Youtube channels.
Last week we posted

  1. Central Bank- which is up by 20 % since the day of posting
  2. Yes Bank- up 7 % today

You can find them here :

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Today’s chart of the day is- Va Tech Wabag Ltd

For Complete logic behind the selection…see the below video

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Guys, have you found any setup for today which is worth mentioning?

Sterling tools, looking good

Strong breakout with volume.

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Please see this chart also,

Risk Reward wise I feel stocks give better returns than banknifty.

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Please see these charts

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UCO Bank

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Sula Vineyards,

Please see the chart below, This is called an IPO base breakout.

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