Charts problems in Astha Flow App

Please see the charts of Bank nifty in Astha App and zerodha


Noted and we will update you soon.

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Nifty chart is working ,Bank nifty chart is not

can you send the complete chart.

2 point gaps in banknifty chart( on the right axis ) is nothing and we can not judge anything based upon that.

same, 1 point gap on Y-axis.

Are you serious or kidding?

Chart is looking like this,only one candle is been seen.It is not a new problem,this has formed after many days.

charts are looking like this Please see the first candle

Problem with chart

Hi Abhijit,
we have noticed this issue, it will be resolved within a few days.
Thanks for pointing it out though

Iam glab you accepted that there are some issues.

This issue is still not resolved
please look.into the charts problems

There are still.issues with charts which are not resolved.

Values shown in charts and actual values are very different

Charts are not opening properly
Prices are not updated

Please look un the matter