Position not visible intermittently in the App

Dear Team,
I am using your flow trade App - Mobile and trading in MCX
Bug here I am referring here is that as soon as you buy or sell a commodity instrument like in my case NG
It shows the trade is executed / and show the message but generally, it doesn’t show in your positions, if you already have some past positions
You need to logout and login again to see that position correctly visible in your account
Not sure, if it is the App version issue - I have downloaded from the ios Store


Dear Tapan,

The next time you face this issue, can you pull down the positions page to refresh? Let us know if pull to refresh shows the updated positions?

Ideally, the positions should get refreshed automatically. If for some reason that doesn’t happen, then pull to refresh should work. We will work on making sure that positions refresh is more reliable.

Thank you. We will get you the coins :slight_smile:

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Thanks Man,
ID is AC5718 - it will be good to see the coins :slight_smile:
Also, please check the browser and mobile OS versions compatibility cases {I am using iPhone 5S, seems like the refreshing there not working, even after pulling the screen down}