AsthaTrade partners with tradetron to bring Algotrading to its clients

It gives us immense pleasure to announce that trading through Tradetron is now available for AsthaTrade users.

Tradetron is a cloud-based platform for algorithmic trading that allows users to

  • create and backtest strategies, fully automate rule-based strategies,
  • subscribe to strategies from others in the marketplace, and even sell their own strategies as subscriptions.

Strategies, which are sets of rules for executing trades, can be built using various parameters such as stock price crossing a certain moving average or reaching a certain profit or loss threshold.

Because Tradetron is cloud-native, no software installation is required and access is available with just an internet connection and browser.
The platform utilizes API-based micro-services architecture and dedicated bots to check strategy conditions in real-time and execute trades quickly and efficiently, with no need for manual intervention.

Log in through your credentials on Tradetron website and enjoy the algo trading.Here is the link to login through the same

Thank you for your patience.

Do let us know your experience with using the tradetron platform.

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