Option Strategy builder Launched

Dear Traders,
Exciting News! We’re reaching out to let you know that AsthaTrade has launched Option Strategy Builder. A game changer in options trading which will cost you absolutely Nothing. Yes, you heard it right, It is FREE for our users.

This feature will help you:

  1. Save time while trading using pre-built strategies ( Straddle, Strangle etc. )
  2. Save money without a need to subscribe to similar products in the market
  3. Make money by using proven strategies used by pro traders.

If you have been struggling with finding a good strategy and paying hefty money for similar products, we think Option strategy builder will be a big help.

Here are the top benefits of this feature:

:+1:Use pre defined strategy suggestions for faster decision making and trade

:moneybag:Learn which strategy is useful according to the market condition

:chart:Analyse these strategies easily using payoff graph

:arrow_double_up:Check breakeven points for possible adjustments

:fire:Check required margin for the strategy and max profit/loss

:100:Make adjustments to strategy, if required, and execute in one tap

:fire:Input your prediction and get strategy suggestions

:right_anger_bubble:Increase the lot size for each leg easily

:fire:Check payoff, Max profit/loss and breakeven points

:+1:Reorder the legs of the strategy for minimum margin requirements and execute in single tap

:arrow_double_up:View charges in the order screen before placing the order

Attaching sample image for the same

We believe you will love these features.

Cheers to our product team for the same.