Product Launch Update !We have launched Lighthouse- Options Greek & Strategy

We have launched 1st version of Lighthouse - Options Greek & Strategy, last week.

Lighthouse is a series of products to help our users create their options strategy. In the 1st version we have introduced greeks & creating strategy through options chain.

These features are available on our latest app.

Please check if you have the latest app version by visiting App Store/Play Store.

Go to option chain screen to use the above two features

Options Greeks are a set of calculations that are used to measure various factors that may affect the price of an options contract. This information helps to make an informed decision about which options to trade and when to trade them.

Options strategy:

Now you can add all the orders part of a single strategy and execute in one go. For that please click on any option and add that option to strategy.

You can check all the added options as part of a single strategy. These options can be reordered and deleted by clicking on the edit icon. Click on execute to place all the orders at one go.

Going forward, we’ll also introduce options strategy builder and strategy analyser in the next version of the Lighthouse. Stay tuned…

Please give feedback on the above product.

Also, three cheers to the product team