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Hello Traders,

We want to hear your story.

Be it success or failure, it will inspire others. May be some of you are missing just one piece to get there as a successful trader.

Maybe we can help you or you can help each other. One advice if taken seriously might transform your trading career.

Lets inspire each other.

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My main problem.with my trading is Iam owner of hardware,plumbing ,electrical shop and Iam at the shop from 8 to 9.
As Iam manning the shop and as my shop is in main market area Iam busy,so.Iam not able to concentrate on my trading.
Iam not able to use laptop and most of my trading is through mobile,
My main problems is random trading,averaging loosing trades,revenge trading,overtrading.improper lots sizing.

Now I have decided to trade in the afternoon as there are less customers,trade one lot only and taking maximum only 2 trades

Hi Abhijit,

Thanks for sharing your story.

One advice for options traders( that I also follow )

Always keep only that much fund in your account which you are willing to lose.

Because overtrading is something, which kills most of the traders’ account.

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