How to do intraday option trading?

Hi All,

I have been lost lot many money while trading intraday still i have not understood it well, can someone help me to recover this loss


Would you specify how do you get loss in option trading.Do you buy or sell options

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I generally do buying and i am very new and loss close to 7lac

Please don’t buy initially if you have margin then start sell call option in nifty

Hi Pawan,
Let me ask you a few questions.
Do you have a strategy with an edge?
Are you buying OTM options?
Do you follow risk management properly?
what is your expectation from the market? ( means % return you expect per month)

_______If you could answer, I will be better able to answer your situation and give proper answer

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I generally utilise my salary last 1 year i have invested 80% of my salary in this every day i have been getting loss, and i am into debt now, i need to recover this if possible pls help to understand

Work on PDH PDL break strategy. But remember it’s not necessary to trade daily. Target for sniper Entry Exit and SL

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I generally invest my salary as soon as I receive it so i generally invest 40k and my target is to get atleast 10k return but everytime I do this i have only lost my money

How do I use this can you pls explain

Please ensure you have margin moment at least 1.5 lac then start only till then stop buying options
You can well understand premium depreciate every day and you make your buying cost zeero
On reverse if you will sell options that will save you as profit
1st ensure margin and sell call option only not put. You are always welcome

I understand your pain Pawan, But you are wrong on two fronts

  1. Your expectation is not right Pawan, it not possible to generate 25% on month on month basis
  2. Your risk management concept is not right.

Let me give you some context,
Two month back Shiva Option Scalper posted a video about the guy, who took 40k to 1.4 crore in 9 months with insane risk
Everybody was excited that option buying is easy and it is possible to do the same.
But here is what happened to his account last few months.

Option buying is against human nature, you need to be very matured if you are doing option buying.
Buy matured I mean, a very disciplined approach.

Otherwise, it is not possible to make money from option buying.

Final advice---- work on risk management or trade without margin ( mainly equities)

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you are right Kamal, he should do option selling But he needs to have a strategy.

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1st of all everyone need to understand that there is no strategy which has 100% success rate
You need to follow any one rule consistently atleast 100 times i am sure there will be net profit
I suggest one
Don’t trade every day
Let the market go up suppose it goes 3-4 days up and close positive
On that when it open negative wait till 9.20
If the candle is red then sell call of previous day high keep stop loss of 25 points maximum.You will get profit more than 70 percent
Please keep all your losses side away and start as fresh with one lot of nifty option andvdontbhope you will recover all your losses in a month but a day will come soon when you will be in profit after recovering all your losses

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Thank you so much i will try my best, i have to recover losses with some good trade as this had putted me in trouble

IMO, if someone trades with the outlook of recovering losses, it doesn’t work. So keep working for profit :slight_smile:

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If you don’t have knowledge please avoid selling