How to day trade while working a full time job?

Let’s explore how we can day trade while working a 9 to 5 job.

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Hi Mohan!
I believe in 9:20 strategy for trading in Options and accordingly, do the research work prior to taking trade. And for investment-when nifty drop by 500 points from last high , I always have stock list, that I have to buy on dips.
And I have keen interest to know what strategy others are following to trade in short durations with work.


Can you explain what is 920 strategy?

Hi Mohan,
9.20 a.m Intraday Straddle Strategy is Simple:
Sell/Short the Nifty Straddle ( ATM CE and ATM PE options) exactly at 9.20 a.m in the morning with a fixed stop loss on both the legs say 25%,35%,40% or any other fixed stop of your comfort from the entry price with SLM orders.
Exit the Straddle at 3.10 p.m in the evening.
If the stop hits one of the legs then continue the other leg with the stop loss.


Nice, how much margin is required? can it be done for 1 lot?

HI Hemant!
Yes, you can trade with one the margin requirement for naked is high but I am trading it by buying a 5 to 6 Rs premium Call and put,the margin requirement for this is approx 56k to 60 k only.Like I trade today with 56500 only .I could guide you by sharing my contacts but I think this is not allowed here. I started it after testing results in paper trading and it works.
bol for you. :slightly_smiling_face:


I can learn a lot from you. I will observe this strategy for few weeks in paper trading site like “Opstra”. Hopefully I can get a hang of it.