Which is cheaper plan compare to MTF Rate/Brokerage and High Profit

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After careful consideration, I’ve switched from Astha Broker due to stability concerns. Excited to explore SBI Securities, offering 0.10 brokerage on delivery & MTF orders for the first 30 trading days (43 calendar days). They boast the best MTF plan and I’ve even created a calculator to compare with other brokers! Please find the linked Google Excel sheet to calculate profits with different margin plans. Feel free to make Astha your secondary broker. If you have suggestions for additional brokers, share details and I’ll add them to the comparison. Let’s make informed choices together! #Investing #Brokerage #SBIsecurities Google Excel Sheet: [Link]

Dear Astha team, I’m simply sharing the reality of the market. I’ve provided a margin calculator to empower others to calculate their profits with margin charges. Please do not delete this post. If removed, I will tweet it again. Let’s ensure transparency and informed decision-making!

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Now i am happy with astha broker, i have give 5 out of 5 rating, you can use this calculator, i am recommending astha broker.