Is there a method to deploy a Stop loss order and and a target order simultaneously to square off my intraday trades in Astha?

I have been using Astha app for taking intraday trades ? How can i close my positions using a target order and a Stop loss order simultaneously, so that one cancels the other. Or if not, there is no way to do this, then what should be the possible approach like ?


I think you are talking about Bracket Orders,

We do not allow bracket orders at this moment, so you have to put SL and Target manually.

Thank you

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But I think it should be available for better trade experience. Due to this future not available so we are not able to expected loss and expected profit . And if we are loosing too much than we are stop trading.
I think it should be available in next update .

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Options strategies are about to come, then we will start working on bracket order.
Have patience, you will get it soon.

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I had 60 lots of option.When i wanted to sq off I got the message that at at time only 30 lots can be sq off.
I would like to ask can we sq off all the lots in one order by clicking sq off all option


In single order, you can square off max 36 lots.
If you want to square off more than 36 lots, you need to do it through basket order.

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Main option Bank Nifty mein trade karta hun hel me sir