Why Astha trade not providing Cover Order feature?

Will astha trade bring Cover Order in their flow app? And if not than should we move to other broker because Cover Order is basic feature which protects novice traders from huge sudden loss by placing stop loss simultaneously with the trade. Cover order helps to mitigate loss and all the major brokers provide this basic feature except astha unfortunately.

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You can use the basket order(multiple order) to place order and its stop loss order.


Can you please explain with example how we can place stop-loss order simultaneously in basket order tool, thank you.

Add first leg as one order and SL leg as separate order. E.g. add first order as NIFTY 19400 CE buy @mkt price
Add second order Nifty 19400CE sell trigger price 50.1, limit price 50

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how to place sl limit order in rupeezy flow

Old Astha app had bracket order,why has Astha stopped providing it in new app as every broker is providing Bracket and Cover orders