Basket Order is Now Live on our App

On popular request, we have launched Basket order for our users
It is now Live on Astha Flow, Web and TV Terminal. With Basket Order you can:

:fire:Place multiple orders and strategies in one click.
:+1:Create up to 10 Baskets
:rewind: Create up to 10 orders in each Basket
:chart:Create multi-legged options strategies in a single basket
:arrow_double_up:Create watch list with Draft Order and execute quickly during market hours
:moneybag:View net required margin for all individual orders upfront

Change order sequence with Reorder function, place buy orders first for lower overall margin.

For complete info on why you should basket order, read it here.

Here is the support page for the same.

3 cheers to our tech team

If you have any query for the same, please post it here


In basket order does we get the 5 times margin we get while we buy in intraday order

It will remain the same for basket order too.

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